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Customers sometimes complain that they cannot open an account, or if they do have an account and while trying to enter their user and password, they get an error message that the customer does not exist, if you are sure an account in your name exists and you have entered all details ( username and password )correctly without any leading or trailing blanks, please delete all temporary files kept in your browser's cache 



Spare parts are always listed by their manufacturers original spare part #




The part numbers for spares are always contained in the spares parts section of the service manual, service manuals are not always available, or may cost a lot to purchase, our categories section is divided into subcategories containing the most commonly needed spares, so if for example you are looking for an Inverter PCB used in a LG LCD TV, all you have to do is go  to section Plasma - LCD Television Parts --> LCD - PC Inverter PCB, and then browse through all available Inverter PCBs in our Inventory, Alternatively you can go to Consumer Electronics Spares By Manufacturer --> LG Electronics and browse through section contents, this way you will see ALL LG electronics parts we have in our inventory, and of course you can try our search function and try to locate the part you want by searching for the part numbers found on the old board


One Specific note here about LCD and Plasma Television parts


Modern television repair parts are not always manufactured by the same  manufacturer, for example a Sony TV may have a Samsung LCD Panel and Samsung Inverter and T-CON PCBs, and a Pioneer TV, may have a Sharp Electronics LCD Panel and Inverter, T-CON PCBs, if you are not familiar with these arrangements, ALWAYS try to match part numbers from the old PCB, DO NOT just rely on Brand and Model, so if for example you want to find a T-CON PCB used in a Philips TV, you have to search using the part Numbers found on PCB, OR if you know who the manufacturer of the PCB is, for example AUO Electronics, then go to AUO Parts section Consumer Electronics Spares By Manufacturer --> AUO Electronics and browse through section contents,

If all these fail, you may want to take a picture of the old PCB and send via email to our support, will do our best to help


Regarding Sony Consumer Electronics Spares ONLY


Our Parts categories for Sony spares are very detailed, if for example you look for a capstan motor for a Sony VHS Video recorder SLVE1000 and you have the part number from the service manual, all you have to do is enter the part number in our search field with or without dashes, suppose the part # is X2343453A  a good practice when searching is to enter only the first 7 or 8 characters like X2343453 This way you will get more results from the search, and just because Sony may have introduced a revised part number for this motor ending in -B or -C by searching with only the first 7 characters you will be able to see the revised part as well if available, alternatively you can go to Sony Spares --> VHS Video Repair Parts --> Capstan, reel, motors and browse the contents of the section


If you don't know the part number and you want any help please take a picture of the damaged part and send it to our support, will do our best to help



We can provide help with parts only for Sony Consumer Electronics Equipment



Out of stock Products and Notifications


When an item is out stock below its price, even if that is 0.00, there is a note that says this item is out of stock, just below that there is another clickable note that says  add to notification when you click on this, it will change to a message tat will now display  in notification, that is all there is you have to do, if / when the part is available again you will get an automated email informing you about it being available again


*  In order for this to be achieved, you must register for an account and you must be logged in to your account in order for the messages to appear

** You will also have to make sure, that qservice electronics originating emails are always able to reach your registered email account without being blocked by any anti-spam filters




This works ONLY on product lists, NOT on individual product extended display pages




If you decide on purchasing any part / manual, all you have to do is add it to your cart by using the button, if this was the only item you wanted to purchase, you can proceed to checkout by clicking the proceed to checkout button below the cart contents window, in case you want to add more items to your shopping cart, just click the continue shopping button, again below the cart contents window, when you are done shopping, you can proceed to checkout, you will be taken to the login page, if you have already purchased from qservice before, here you can enter your user and password to proceed with the order, if this was the first time you have visited our store, please use the signup button,



If You do not want to enter any personal details online, you do not have to enter an online order,

Order can be send via Email, Please state the part #, quantity, and your preferred payment method




In the next page you will be required to enter your personal and shipping details, like preferred shipping method, please CLICK HERE for more information on shipping costs and methods, Please also note that All asterisk marked fields have to be filled, if your shipping and billing addresses are the same, you can select the Copy billing details to shipping selection, otherwise please fill in the correct shipping address,


When all personal and shipping details are filled in, you can continue to next page, where you will re-verify the correct items you are about to purchase, here you can change cart contents quantity, your name and address details, Finally, and if all items in the shopping cart, and personal details are ok, you can  proceed to checkout by clicking on the button Order now, in the next page you will be given payment options, please remember Paypal is the fastest payment method, if however alternate payment method is desired, alternative payment options are selected by clicking on the select menu below Other Payment Types you can CLICK HERE for more information on accepted payment methods,


If Paypal was selected, you will be taken to paypal secure checkout page where after login you can pay using your paypal account, or credit card, please make sure after completing the paypal payment to select the link return to merchant, this will insure that your order and payment details are processed correctly


Once you complete the order process you will receive an order confirmation email, please make sure you add qservice-electronics to your trusted zone in your email inbox filtering in order to receive all order related tracking messages and shipping confirmations,




The order confirmation email, is NOT an Invoice

Formal tax Retail Receipt or Invoice will be included with your order


After you enter an order you can always check its process online, just log-in to your qservice account using the user and password you created when entering your order, go to orders section , and click on previous orders selection, a new page will open and all your orders will appear there, you can just click on any of them, and see its progress, the related tracking messages, or you can enter your own tracking message to Qservice in the provided fields




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